Savory dishes at Blue Hill

The date was great! Jeremy came home at 3:30 and Katherine came by not much later and we got all dressed up. Vince was upset, he really wanted to go with us. We usually take him everywhere and he had picked out at tie and was fashioning it around his neck; ready to go out on the town. But we left him crying at the house and headed down to Westchester County. The restaurant is located on a Rockerfeller estate and has been established inside the old horse barn. Can you believe it? A fancy restaraunt in an old barn. The owners rebuilt the whole inside of the of the barn. The place was all done in browns, brown I-beams criss-crossed the roof, the bus boys were dressed like UPS men, and the waiters had brown pinstriped pants and vests. We decided to indulge ourselves with the farmers feast and a flight of wine which is where we get 5 savory courses that the chef decides and 2 dessert courses and also 5 glasses of wine paired with each course and a dessert wine. Wow!

So we asked for a printout of what we ate, but they couldn’t print it out right then, so they said that they would mail it to us, so here is the run down before I forget…

amuse beet soup
celery root chops
pork croquette and pickled cauliflower

Bass Tartare
moscato, tapioca, avacado and pea shoots
Fefinanes Albarino, Rias Biaxas – Spain 2003

Hot Smoked Sturgeon
fennel braised in saffron, citrus-grain mustard sauce
Francis Tannahill ‘Dragonfly’ Gewurtzraminer – Washington State 2002

Roasted Monkfish
mushroom consomme, chesnut noodles
Siduri Pinot Noir Sonoma County – CA 2003

Farro with Spinach
Villa Di Geggiano Chianti Classico – Tuscany -Italy 1999

Hudson Valley Cenison Loin and Sausage
roasted beets and braised red cabbage
Jean-Philippe Jaqueix Chateau Mouton, Bordeaux – France 2002

Rhubarb Soup
mint sorbet

Chocolate Croquette
pistachio parfait, chocolate sorbet
Samos Vin Doux Moscato Isle of Samos – Greece 2003

petit fours

Dinner was 3 hours long and fabulous. Jeremy was in a great mood because stuff at work went well today and we got more and more tipsy as the night went along. I finished most of my wine (they give really small glasses, not a full glass) but I could only taste the last glass of red and only sipped my dessert wine. But we ate every last bit and had a great time together.

We visited the pigs on the farm afterward (also to work off the wine before we went home) and saw that they were happy. They had their own huts to sleep in with heat lamps. Ha ha!

It was a new record of dining expense for us as the whole experience was $400 including the tip for the valet. Sheez! Another 10 years before this happens again. Ha! And I’m pretty sure Dame Judi Dench was at the next table!

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