Big Meeting Monday

Well, there was a big meeting of the minds on Monday. Our project is working in collaboration with UCSB in order to come up with a system that can store this satellite data. of course, nobody really knows what we are actually trying to store or accomplish. It’s rather painful.

But I think one thing is clear to me anyways. It seems like our side is a little more disorganized and vague than the UCSB side. 😛 I’m pretty impressed with UCSB’s technical lead. I feel he’s one the right track to building a system that’ll last 100 years. Apparently, Stanford is trying to piggyback our archive on the Stanford Digital Repository software that might be a lot harder to maintain down the line.

Of course, I didn’t really say much at the meeting. I never can contribute in this fashion, tho I suppose I should if I have opinions. Of course, these meetings tend to be on a high level too, so I figure it would be politically prudent to keep my mouth shut for a little bit anyways.

2 thoughts on “Big Meeting Monday”

  1. Donald, I think you should but with some preparation. No one is born with everything. Practice will do. Glad you think you can contribute though.

  2. My little input on this, data storage should be designed as generic as possible. Or, it can be dynamically assigned to catch almost all possibilities. The requirements will definited be changed somewhere, sometimes down the road. Guarantee!

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