Spinning class.

In honor of the Donald-meister, I took a 60 minute spinning class this morning, except for the fact that I don’t think my gym bought the Spinning TM bicycles, so they call it a cycle class. I walked into the class and it was clear I was not prepared. Everyone brought little gel seat protectors for their butts and water bottles and had bicycle shoes and little towels for mopping up their sweat.

I fiddled with the bicycle and I got on and realized that the person in the previous class had set the resistance so high that I couldn’t move the pedals at all. So I set the tension way, way down and then spent the class going up “hills” and crusing the “open road” pretty funny.

Jeremy is home!

Vince went to his first birthday party yesterday at Diamond Gymnastics. It was pretty funny. They had pizza and cake and a moon bounce. The whole place smelled like sweat.

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  1. Yeah, I liked the class, and now that it’s the next day, I can tell you that I’m not too sore. So I may try again, but I’m trying to rotate through the classes and that one is a really tough one. Ugh.

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