Working From Home…

Finally! I’ve gotten my benefits package online! It’s about time. laff. I’m working from home today, but mostly trying to setup my computer to run all my desktop apps. 😛

I got invited to Ana and Ben’s wedding also. OMG that invitation is pretty crazy. I wonder how much it cost them to put that thing together… I don’t think I’m going to go tho.

2 thoughts on “Working From Home…”

  1. If you wanted to go, we’d all be in France, you could stay in Bob and Katherine’s house (no one is there because we’d all be in France) and if you flew into/out of the airport that we were flying in/out to france you could even drive our car from long term parking and back and then we wouldn’t even notice. Ha! What a crazy plan… it would only cost the cost of the ticket… Think about it if there are people you’d like to see.

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