A place to live….

Today I did a lot of research on places for Doris to study Mandarin in Singapore and for Vince to go to school. On Friday I will visit a montessori school and the YMCA in Bishan. On the way home from work I stopped at a different neighborhood close to work called Chau Chu Kang. It is only 25 minutes from work on public transit, and the two huge condo complexes (each as big as Holland Village in Hsin Chu) are each only 1-2 minutes walk from the MRT. Again there is a mall, a supermarket and a bus depot at the MRT station, and this Mall even has a nice little public library on the first floor. Chau Chu Kang is deffinitely more on the outskirts than Bishan, and so things are a little more spread out . There is a nice little nature park with a playground nearby, and overall it looks pretty good. The downside is it is a lot further from downtown than Bishan, and in addition to the huge japanese department store, it seems the Chinese classes and one of the top mentessori schools are nearer Bishan. Oh what to do, what to do…..

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