Killing time.

So, I wanted to stay out of the house today since it’s a huge mess and I didn’t want to clean it. Also, we are pretty much running out of food and I don’t want to buy anymore, so there is nothing to eat in the house except mangos, cherries and rice. So Vince, Edda and I spent the day at Mc Donalds, Walmart, Barnes and Noble. It was a great day, cloudy, not too hot.

I exchanged emails today with Jame Derossitt, a friend of mine from UTAustin days. He’s doing well, living with his wife Katie and their 3 doggies in Memphis.

The kids were in a good mood throughout the day, only really grumping out at dinnertime when Jeremy was home to help navigate the bad mood. Dinner was pretty lame since we were having spaghetti without the proper spaghetti sauce, now we are down to canned tomatoes and spices, it really didn’t taste like a sauce and Vince was not convinced.

We’ve also found a good home for our gas grill. Our gas grill has been dragged around with us on so many moves and we don’t really use it, so I put it up on and 15 people emailed me back wanting our grill. I’m giving it to a person who works in a group home and the state funding got slashed this year and so no grills were approved for purchase. They are getting our grill! Go hamburgers!

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