Moving cubes…

Just moved cubes today. It’s now about 30 feet closer to the bathroom and the stairs. Wheee! I managed to somehow get the inside corner cube. I thought Alpana, the senior programmer, would take this cube, but she ended up taking the smaller one for some reason or another. Not that I’m complaining! laff. but anyways, I need to work more since my boss now has to walk by my office to get anywhere… doh!

4 thoughts on “Moving cubes…”

  1. Moved to off campus, or just closer to the boss/bathroom/stairs? Glad to see you BOTB (back on the blog). I’m sorry I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye at the 4th shin-dig, so here it is! Goodbye! I’ll miss you! Heck, I miss you already.

  2. Welcome back to the blog.

    On the good side, your boss kind of likes what you are doing. On the bad side, your boss probably would like monitoring more. I don’t know which one. Maybe, none of the above 🙂

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