Mos Burger!

Busy day, spent the morning doing crafts with Vince and Edda. In the afternoon as the house was being cleaned, we went a few MRT stops over to Causeway point and went to the Woodlands library, made a window cling, got more supplies for crafts the next day and ate at Mos Burger which is, I think, a burger chain owned by the Japanese. The cook to order, so the fries were hot, hot, hot. And yummy, yummy, yummy. I’ve finally started cooking again and it’s been a week of good dinners. Tonight’s dinner, fish tacos with red cabbage & lime juice slaw.

Around the World in 80 Days.

Just finished this book, first book by Jules Verne that I’ve read. I was a bit confused reading it because I knew that it had been made into a movie starring Jackie Chan and the main character of the book, Philas Fogg, is suppose to be this stoic Englishman and I was like, who would cast Jackie Chan as a stoic Englishman. Anyways, I finally figured out that Jackie played the sidekick who is suppose to be a gymnast among having other interesting talents. The book was quite good. Reminds me that I should read 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The Ugly Duckling.

Today the kids and I went downtown to a play – The Ugly Duckling. A million kids were there from the German International School and after I paid more than 50 bucks for three tickets, Vince started flipping out and he said he wanted to go home. But I managed to coax him, with the help of an usher who assured him that it wasn’t scary, to sit through a rather nice puppet rendition of the fairy tale. Sheez…. went all the way downtown on the subway and then retreated back on a taxi.

Jeremy got me a bouquet of yellow flowers for our anniversary and we wanted to invite our neighbors over for dessert, but at 8:30, everyone else was eating dinner and not yet ready for dessert. Oh well, eventually one of our neighbors came by at 9:45 pm or so. It was really nice talking to them.

Ruby, separation anxiety.

Ever since Ruby got back from quarantine, we’ve been splitting the walks, Jeremy give Ruby a 30 minute walk in the morning and I do 30 minutes before bed. All this is without the kids… The past few days Ruby has started out on the walk and after she pees/poops, she refuses to go any further and wants to go back home. She seems to be in good health and not too hot, tonight, I even brought a bottle of water with me. It seems like she doen’t want to be away from the kids and the other person who has been left in the apartment. Who knows…