Wow. So basically, my project lead decides on Wed to do my part of the project for me without tell me. WTF? I’m a bit miffed to say the least. Back to twiddling my thumbs.

7 thoughts on “Unbelievable…”

  1. Donald, I suggest that you keep your cool & request to sit down with your lead and have his feedback about you. And see what he is expecting and what you can help?

    Communication is very important. There are several possibilities without knowing the details.

    1) He thinks you are not doing your job.
    2) He just gets your idea and move on.
    3) He may have different assignments for you.

    But, anyway, talk to him calmly and find out.

  2. I think twiddling is not one of the proper solutions. Every situation has some good solutions for it. Just try to figure them out and work on it, no matter how un-natural to you as that time it may be. The more of doing it, the better it gets. And everyone needs this experience to grow. In this case, of course, your lead plays a important role of finding common solutions too. Try to approach him and ask about his thinking and input on this. Stay cool and be ojective. Bad things sometime will turn out to be good things if handle properly. Love

  3. Donald, Place at work is the place to have team work. Talk to your lead and ask him and communicat with him. Do what boss wants you to do. Be open and sincere.

    this is my openion after working at office almost 30 years. It is not technical, most it is the team work and get along with everyone in the group.

    By the way, I called Lee Pei Sunday and she said she called you the other day. Give her a call when you have a chance.

  4. Great, setup an appointment with her. Talk to her fact to face in private, in her office is much better.

    Be prepare and don’t be defensive. If her reactions are most negative, just see what can be done to improve.

    If don’t know how to answer, keep silent.

    Good luck and be flexible.

  5. Donald, It is her. Talk to her and let me know what did she say. Hope she is not a gradmo type. It is nice to work with a pretty waman. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Love, mom

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