The Ugly Duckling.

Today the kids and I went downtown to a play – The Ugly Duckling. A million kids were there from the German International School and after I paid more than 50 bucks for three tickets, Vince started flipping out and he said he wanted to go home. But I managed to coax him, with the help of an usher who assured him that it wasn’t scary, to sit through a rather nice puppet rendition of the fairy tale. Sheez…. went all the way downtown on the subway and then retreated back on a taxi.

Jeremy got me a bouquet of yellow flowers for our anniversary and we wanted to invite our neighbors over for dessert, but at 8:30, everyone else was eating dinner and not yet ready for dessert. Oh well, eventually one of our neighbors came by at 9:45 pm or so. It was really nice talking to them.

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