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Hey folks,

sorry I don’t have much time these days to post. It’s going to be a busy week…. I’m the officiant (or priest) for my friend Choon and Pei-Sun’s wedding coming up in the middle of october, so I have to come up with something to talk about… Since I don’t know anything about marriage, I thought I’d ask you guys if you had any advice for the key to a good marriage? Do you have any specific advice for Choon (the guy)? or Pei-Sun in particular? Any advice for kids? what’s the hardest thing about marriage? what’s the easiest?

and anything else you want to elaborate on the topic of marriage too, is good…


ps. I’m thinking about buying an $800 hugo boss suit. arg.

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  1. Well, this is what I think.

    The first and foremost is that you never can change a person but you can tolerance and, eventually, amuze about it.

    The second thing is about finance and kids education. They are major topics among family members.

    And the third is that marriage solves some problems associated with singlea but creates many problems come with marriage.

    Good marriage has to come from both sides’ commitments and hard working. Failed marriage is the products of not just one, but both too.


  2. What exactly should be talked about when dealing with finances and kid’s education?

    What kinds of problems does marriage solve for single people? and what are the problems that come with marriage? How do you overcome these problems in marriage?

  3. marrige just like two free particals liked togehter. One particul has 6 degree of freedoms and two unlinked particals have total of 12 degree of freedoms. with two particals linked, there are only 5 degree of freedoms. However, with two liked particals, they are stronger with double mass and especially they are + and -charges and attracts each other. However, too close, they will be push out (reject? there is a word, i could not remenber). The marrige is the arts to keep it close to be atractive each other and some time not too close to be push out.

  4. In Chinese “pin ja fu chi pai zhe ai” in translation–poor couple has handred sad things. Now a days, every one has to contribute.

  5. I didn’t know you were going to be the officiant! Congrats! What an incredible honor and an experience you won’t ever forget.

    What I loved most about my wedding was the fact that we talked about how a wedding was a celebration not only of the couple, but also bringing two families together. We had dad give a nice speech welcoming Jeremy into the Lee family and also Katherine welcomed me into the Martin family which I thought was the highlight of the ceremony. I will you a book with an example of a wedding ceremony that I think is just lovely. (OK, it’s by a cheesy author, but I think it will give you a starting point.)

    Charlotte also gave us some advice, now some I forget, but the nicest one was to always try and have dinner together. “Much depends on dinner.” We had a very food-centric wedding.

    Also, forget spending your hard earned moola on the Hugo Boss suit. Think Lands End. They have good value for the money and look decent, not hip, but you will look good. They hem for free (also they come in black) and if you don’t like it for whatever reason, return it in the mail and they refund all you money. Heck, I returned a winter jacket that I had worn every day for 3 months because I never really liked it. They took it back, no questions asked.

  6. Well, single has problem and you know to well. Marriage couple has problem too. For example, Cann’t make decisions without other’s input.

    Financial is a very practical problem both for single and marriage couple. For marriage couple, it is even worse because its finanical security and burden are much larger than single, at least it appears that way.

    Education for kids are also important for many families. It has to do with the independent of the next generation that all families are looking for.

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