Cascade Cottages, Rockie Mountains National Park, CO

Mom and Dad went there today. We even took pictures. It is a nice place for Honeymoon. Good picked. But, we did not stay. You would like to lunch there. But, no food there.

Tomorrow, we are going south.

2 thoughts on “Cascade Cottages, Rockie Mountains National Park, CO”

  1. I love Colorado, I think you guys are very lucky to be together in such a beautiful place, just visit the parks after school starts in September, they will be much less crowded.

  2. Well, people here told us that we should visit mountaineous areas before September. All, everything will be snowed in. We plan to do just that. This weekend, we are going to the Mesa Verde National Park for those disappearing ancestors.

    In addition to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, last Sunday, we visited Air Force Academic, Garden of Gods where the song of “America, the beautiful” was born. We also visited Royal Gorge area.

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