Just loving’ it.

In order to ward off feelings of lameness and stuck-at-homeness and encouraged by a quickie call to my brother, Vince, Edda and I went out on the town and spent money like crazy. OK, really just semi-crazy. I went all over to the other side of the island in search of a 3-story indoor (air conditioned) playground and I didn’t find it. It was pretty lame looking around a mall and asking a bunch of people with kids where the indoor playground is and have them all look at me real funny. Vince was not convinced today’s 3 different cab rides were worth the effort.

We went to the Tampines Mall, the Suntec City mall and then home. We ate at McD at the Suntec City mall and Vince declared that he missed the McDonald’s in New York.

Vince is kind of hard to manage these days, he won’t go down for a nap easily. I can spend two hours in a darkened room with him and he just won’t nap, my usual rule is no napping after 4 pm which results in an 11:30pm bed time. Without a nap, he’s flipping out at 5pm. I really should get on top of the food as well, I have to get back into feeding them every 3 hours or so. I’m still not familiar enough with the grocery store to get them the things that they’ll eat, I’m usually rushing though trying to get dinner together and not concentrating on what is actually on the shelves. I’ve been here almost 3 week and I’ve gone grocery shopping at least every other day and I just realized tonight that there is no pasta in my grocery store.

On a good note, I met a potential friend! I’m so excited! She has two girls, ages 4 and 2 and she lives in my apartment complex and within 5 minutes of meeting us, she invited us over tomorrow. And tomorrow we have a playdate with Matilda!

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