The home of the 6-hour playdate.

Matilda and Julia came over today at 10:30 in the morning and we played and swam until 4:30 pm. Wow, what a day! The kids had a lot of fun, mainly playing in a huge cardboard box. Julia is good fun to have around. I ogled her real Louis Vuitton backback that she got from her hubby for her birthday.

Edda is still a bit unenthusiastic about eating.

2 thoughts on “The home of the 6-hour playdate.”

  1. happy to know that you made new friends. We are doing fine. Daddy washes dishes now and help to keep room in order. It is a very small room and has to be in order.

    we found a swimming pool and start to swimming tomorrow. It was raining and daddy did now want to go.

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