Wireless is Great.

I’m sitting here waiting for the bus by the Stanford Quad. It’ great to have wireless all over campus. It’s great to actually have a computer that has a battery that lasts long enough to be somewhat useful. I’m not starting to play around with ripping DVDs. I’ve gotten 300 gig hard drive, and i’m going to try to fill it up with something. 😛

Other than that it’s going to be a pretty busy week. I’ve got so many things on my agenda this week. Plus I’m trying to not go out to eat this week to pay for that 300 gig hard drive. sigh.

I realize that a lot of my time these days is taken up thinking and researching what stuff i ought to buy. It’s somewhat depressing, but somewhat it’s great cause I couldnt’ afford these things for so long! So I’m consumed with consumerism. nice.

Hopefully I’ll get together with Choon this week. His wedding is coming up. I suppose I ought to shopping for a suit too since i didn’t manage to get one for Arif’s wedding.

Friday will be poker tournament 4. Hopefulyl this time i’ll come out with the top prize. muahhahaha.

where is that dang bus?

One thought on “Wireless is Great.”

  1. Hope you will have the first place this Friday. Have fun.

    I have cooked many years and allof our savings are from my cooking. Ha!!

    300 gig is a big stuff!

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