Take Me Back to Gooseberry’s

Hrm. I found a neat little lunch place today. It totally reminds me of Gooseberry’s from MIT. It’s an asian food truck parked outside the student union called NetAppetit. It’s 6 bucks, which is cheap on campus, and it’s a buffet. You can get whatever you want as long as it’s under 30oz, which is a hell lot of food. The crazy thing is that buffet is actually inside the truck, so there are like 5-6 people cramped inside trying to grab food. Not the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re holding a Coke and a Powerbook.

One thought on “Take Me Back to Gooseberry’s”

  1. Yum, Gooseberry’s. Is it still on MIT campus? Wasn’t there a Gooseberry’s scandal or something? I loved the General Gao’s chicken. Pretty impressive, a buffet in a truck.

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