15 year reunion.

Yup, 15 years since I’ve graced the halls of Wootton High School. Shudder. I got an email in my inbox today. I’m so old.

We spent a low key day at home today, going to the library and the mall. Vince and Edda are finally both well and getting enough to eat and sleep so everyone is doing much, much better.

I was brave and called my potential friend, Annie, up and invited her over this morning, but she was headed to IKEA today to shop with her hubby. He’s a steward on Singapore airlines so he just came back yesterday for a few days off, so I figured she would be going out with him today. I hate calling people and asking them if they’d like to do something, even though they have made it perfectly clear that it’s OK to do so. I’m concentrating on this more and trying to make more of an effort to do so.

I’m happy to report that Vince is coming out of his I hate school mode. We talked a lot about his old school this morning and thinking about writing letters to his old friends at school. And this afternoon, he filled up his backpack and his water bottle and went to pretend school for a good 15 minutes or so. It was really nice to see, he had been shunning his backpack and was willing to give Edda his waterbottle when she needs it for her school because he planned on staying home.

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