Advice for Dad.

It’s very simple. Ask yourself what do you want to say? Then condense it down into one sentence. Refine that sentence over and over again until it is perfect. Then read the sentence out loud.

12 thoughts on “Advice for Dad.”

  1. plus it exists in a vacuum. Great. Communication exists. what else do you want to say about it? how does it relate to you? what do you want to tell us about communication?

  2. Well, anyways, I’m pretty serious about doing this exercise. I think it will be good for you. If you can’t focus your intent and meaning, then you’ll always be misunderstood.

    If you want to live this way. that’s fine.

    either fix it or don’t bitch about it.

  3. Donald, thru communication to others, you may pick up some suggestions, insights, etc. Listening is far more benefitial than talking. Listen & think.

  4. “Listening more and say less”-It is easy very to say and very hard to do. Working on it is right. It is difficult at the begining to try changing. Keep working on it. It is getting eaier later on. Finally, It would be very good feeling when it comes almost naturely. Ageing helps. right now,I do not have any extra enegy to argue and to get mad since I do not like to loss my sleep.

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