Late Night…

I’m up for no good reason. Installing Windows XP on my desktop. I should be sleeping or like doing work or working on my speech for this weekend. I had a good phone chat with Doris tonight. and I had a pretty good conversation with Vince. Looks like he’s a vanilla man. But choco crossaints are good for him too. I have one of those almost every morning at the moonbeans cafe across the street from the library. too bad it’s $2 a pop. I think Vince said he was going to ride with me on his new bike at some point too. Tho i could be mistaken about that.

I had lunch with your favorite librarian last week. she’s a pretty funny lady. I forgot to tell you about it over the phone. But basically we had an interesting talk. Apparently when I joined, I thought this one person was pretty useless. Apparently she thinks so too. I think we were both happy to agree on that. We ate at the Golf Course Cafe. by the Stanford golf course (duh). I had an Arnold Palmer which, if you didn’t know, was half ice tea, half lemonade. yum yum…

okay. bedtime.

4 thoughts on “Late Night…”

  1. Young guy can stay-up into morning and go to bed arond 5AM. I can not do it any more and to to bed no later than 10PM in weekdays and 11PM during weekends.

    Take care of yourselvies. Make sure have enough time to sleep. Sleep well is more effective to have body recovered than eat well.

  2. Can you write me a step-by-step to put pictures on blog. I have Hello, Picaso and my pictures are on CD now. I can put the CD into computer and can see those pictures. Thanks.

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