Another palm tree – no wait, it’s the harvest moon!

This weekend, as I walked Ruby in the evening after the kids went to bed, the park was filled with families celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival aka The Lantern Festival. The trees in the park were filled with paper lanterns glowing from inside with lit candles. You are suppose to take a box of candles and stick them to the concrete ground with a dab of melted wax. You should light all the candles that you have and then you light sparklers with the lit candles on the ground. Some kids go crazy and start trying to light 10 sparklers at once and then throwing them into an empty grassy area. I took a photo of the full moon overlooking our apartment complex.

It was a quiet day here at the Martin/Lee household. Vince was just bouncing off the walls. I think he got a sugar high from this grape drink that he loves, Ribena. Just yelling and screaming and having a lot of fun and just sucking the life out of me and Jeremy.

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