Edda Attacks!

Poor Ruby, she gets attacked regularly by Edda, otherwise known as Jaws. Here we are on the balcony of our apartment and Edda goes in for the kill. I actually stopped her before she was able to nip Ruby, but shortly afterward, I wasn’t paying attention and Edda must have bitten Ruby’s tail and I heard a yelp from the Rubister who turned and glared at Edda. Edda just doesn’t get that we don’t like to be bitten! We got our wonderful digital non-metric scale yesterday in our sea shipment and weighed all of us and it turns out that Ruby isn’t as fat as we believed. She’s 60 pounds, up from 58 when we left New York. To celebrate that, tonight we made Lion’s Head meatballs and gave Ruby 1/2 of one. It reminded her of the delicious Lion’s Head meatball my mother made for her when she was a pup in Austin.

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