Monthy appointment.

My monthly grumpiness has settled into the house causing everyone else to be also pretty grumpy. Vince has been especially demanding this past week, just full of unspent energy and interminable questions that never stop coming. Edda has been struggling with walking and balancing and oftentimes ends up with a leg wedged uncomfortably under the rest of her body or she smacks her head into the marble floor, both resulting in wailing and crying.

Today we went to the pediatrician near our house to make sure the kids vaccinations were up to date and also to get vaccination recommendations for our trip to India this winter. This is the first shot Vince got that he was fully aware of what was happening and he screamed his head off, but got a gumdrop and a lollipop in return. Edda only screamed when the needle was actually in her leg, otherwise she was fine. She got 2 gumdrops, one for each shot. The doc seemed unconcerned about the walking and said to just give it more time which is what we thought anyways, although she is getting quite heavy to carry around.

We also went to the Singapore DMV to sign up for a driving test. We only have to take the written test to get a Singapore driver’s license, but they have a pretty high fail rate, I think you have to get 90 or 95 percent correct to pass. Anyways, the earliest test date is at the end of next month, so we have a month to study.

Our friend, Agnes, came over because she heard from Jeremy that I’ve been homesick and grumpy, she’s so sweet, she brought Vince those ice treats with red beans and weird toppings and lanterns and also this dragon lantern with batteries that lights up and the eyes blink and the ears twitch and Vince ran away from that lantern screaming his head off.

I also signed up for piano lessons which start on Wed evening. My teacher is Miss Chua. We will see how it is. We went there before the pediatrician’s office opened and there are a million little rooms with upright pianos and little tiny kids playing Old McDonald had a farm and such things. Hopefully I will like my teacher.

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