French fry anyone?

My computer is dead. The HP people called and told me that I should just forget about it. It’s too old to fix. Oh well. I told Jeremy that I didn’t need a computer anymore – that since I had gone two months without a computer and hadn’t gone crazy myself, why do we need to go out and buy one? Then Jeremy reminded me that he has a job because people go out and buy computers, so maybe we should too. So OK. I’m going to go out and buy a computer. I think. I’m still thinking about it. OK while I’m thinking about it, Jeremy is going to buy one for me. I think it’s going to have an AMD chip. I think that we have only 4 computers to pick from anyways, it shouldn’t be that hard. I think we might have to go the whole nine yards and buy a new printer! Yikes! What will I do with all this new gear. I might have to enter the new millenium.

Today we registered for Appletree Nursery school. Here’s Vince playing with their kitchen set-up while I’m signing him up for class next year. So in November, there is going to be orientation and then in January classes start. I think it will be OK. I can’t believe it’s going to be months before he starts school.

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