A Good Wedding…

Well it was a pretty good wedding. Had a lot of fun. I would post a picture except for the fact that I was fooling around mostly with someone’s Nikon D70s. I think I’ll have to buy one of those. It’s way too useful. Tho I am half tempted for getting the Nikon D2X.. but it’s probably overkill…

The speech went well. Everyone seemed to like it. Choon’s father had some good quotes. I ended up using your dinner quote Doris. There was a quote in there about sex. It might have been too much, but whatever. I think everyone got a good laugh out of it. 😛

It seemed a bit hectic also. There was some confusion about when they were saying the vows and the speech. Pei-sun ended up losing her vows right before the ceremony and we had to delay like 15 while we tried to reprint them. In the end, we just wrote them over again. It wasn’t terribly complicated since she had written something almost exactly like Choon’s vows.

There was good food as usual at Choon’s. He had another malaysian friend cook a Salad of potatoes, and had ordered 1 thing from various restuarants. Seafood soup from a peruvian place. mutter paneer from shalimar. some chicken and beef kabobs from this afghan place. All the meat was halal for all the Karims who came to the wedding.

Arif and his new wife Tahera are funny. They were absolutely tearing up the dance floor! very very cute.

of course everyone was in town for the big event. for the last week I think i’ve gotten like 4 hours of sleep pretty much every night. stressing about the speech, hanging outwith friend, staying up doing work… sigh

well at least i get to sleep now… sigh

plus the Redskins win in Dallas!

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