Rukia and Edda and Ben is a father!

OK, the big news first… Ben called this morning and told us that his son was born on the 20th of Sept, right before midnight. Johanna and the baby (still nameless) are doing well after a long labor and finally a c-section. So happy and glad to add another young member to the family.

Vince was sick a lot of today, runny nose, sneezing and a low grade fever. Not bad, not great either. Took some decongestant and Tylenol. We went out today while Rukia cleaned our house. Here is a photo of Rukia and Edda.

I started my piano lessons today. This is the first time that my piano teacher is younger than me, she’s 20! Anyways, she is going to help me get the rythmn. Finally a teacher who will help me keep time with a metronome! I always thought I have had trouble keeping time in my music. I’m also going to work on having even consistent notes. So my first assignement is from the dreaded Hanon book, working on keeping time and the notes all the same. It’ll be a challenge. Also, I’m going to start taking theory classes as well.

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