Mail, what wonderful mail.

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Thanks for the magazines Kiki, originally uploaded by dturnip1.

Thank yous go out to my parents for the thoughtful birthday present(s), it will go towards a nice dinner night out on Wed at the Jade Garden. Yummy! Also thank you to Katherine for Animal Baby and the Big Backyard. Edda is still mainly into eating them, but Vince was very excited to see them in the mail. We also got a 2nd package from Paragon with the same ice cream bowls and the book (which Vince loves and we use everyday, by the way). Hmmm.
Oh yes, and by the way, if you are totally nuts and want to see a billion pictures of us just click on the caption of the picture, I think it will take you to all the pictures I’ve ever taken, starting from a month or two ago.

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