Busy, busy day!

Today was hectic and busy. Usually our weekends are unstructured and free form, but not today. In the morning, Jeremy signed himself up for the car share thing. Basically, we join with a membership fee (really reasonable, about 10 dollars a month – so 7 US dollars a month) and then they have these cars all over Singapore that you can click into with a Smart Key, you book over the internet, blah, blah, blah. Anyhow, there is a car park really close to us and they have a Honda Odyssey there. We’ll check it out tomorrow. But signing up took all morning. Then in the afternoon, Vince had his cello lesson and swim lesson back to back. It was a little too much for him. He’s been excited all week about it and this finally wore him out. He was a little whiny at the swim lesson. I didn’t actually go to either the cello or the swim lesson because I was busy preparing to go to Kate’s baby shower.

We had Kate’s baby shower at the Raffles Hotel in the Tiffin Room and we had high tea. It was really nice. There was Kate and Kate’s friend from her pregant-lady yoga class. There was Joanna from Chartered and Julia and me. I was kind of nervous about the baby shower because I was kind of the host since I did the inviting even though it was Julia’s idea. You know, I’m nervous that we won’t get along, or the food will be bad, or we won’t have anything to talk about or that the pregnant ladies will go into labor. But, of course, none of those things happened. We had a really nice time and we were the last ones to leave the tea room. They actually told us that they had to prepare the room for dinner and we looked around, and there were only empty tables surrounding us. Kate seemed radiant and calm and happy.

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