Earless Peter Rabbit

This is Edda’s beloved Peter Rabbit stuffed animal. Her uncle Ben bought this in England for Vincent when he was a baby, but Vince didn’t like it at all. Edda fell in love with this rabbit about a year ago. She LOVES this animal more than anything else in the whole world. She crawls around with it in her mouth. It smells moldy and is totally crusty with her saliva, but she doesn’t care. I have to wash it at night so she won’t know that it’s missing. When we were in France at Cindy’s wedding, we actually thought we lost it. He was left at city hall where the wedding took place and noticed it missing two hours later. We backtracked at least 15 miles in the hopes of finding Peter. There was a big party at city hall when we arrived to fetch Peter and the whole area was fenced off, but we spied Peter perched on a park bench, I had to make Jeremy hop the barrier to go get Peter. Whew. But just yesterday, Ruby couldn’t resist the cottage cheese remnants left on Peter’s ear and Edda left Peter in Ruby’s crate so, of course, Ruby couldn’t resist chomping on Peter’s ear. I heard the choping while I was surfing the web and I looked and looked for Peter’s ear and concluded that the ear is lost in Ruby’s intestines now. When Edda picks up Peter now, she is pissed. She tries to chomp on the missing ear (her favorite way of holding Peter was in her mouth by his ears) she wails. So I spent some time on the web looking for a replacement Peter. Peter can be ordered from England… 20 dollars for Peter, 50 freaking dollars for shipping! I couldn’t believe it! I finally found Peter on Ebay after looking through a million pictures of stuffed Peter Rabbits (do you know how many versions of Peter Rabbits there are? Sheez!). Anyways the bidding ends tomorrow morning.

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