Computer Blues…

Oye, what a pain in the butt. I bought my nice 24″ lcd panel the other day, and I ordered a pretty cheap Nvidia card with a DVI port thinking that I could run 1920×1200 just fine on it. Apparently it’s not able to do it even tho it’s max resolution is like 2000×1500. And then on top of that newegg has a 15% restocking fee! sigh. well i guess it’s my own fault for not doing my research first. I’m running only 1280×1024 right now on my old crappy ass card. Looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and go out and buy a computer now. sigh….

in other comptuer news, I reinstalled Arif’s boss’ computer. It took me awhile to transfer all the iTunes playlists over to the new system. iTunes definitely does not make this easy. The other funny thing is that her computer could run 1920×1200 just fine! and it’s like a 2 year old computer! double sigh.

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