Back from LA

Well I got back from LA Sunday night at 3am. It was a long weekend, with very little sleep.

I drove down thursday night, and almost fell asleep in the middle of I-5. but i got to Ted’s place okay. He’s living with 3 other guys now, and one of them is a psychologist/trash talker. so on Friday, we were both working from home, and he sorta psychoanalyized me. it was fun. 😛

Anh came in that night, and we all went out, and ate japanese…

Sat we woke up early to play some tennis and then sort just hung out until dinner time. Went to the last hour of the jazz festival in Brea. The band on the stage was interestingly not playing any jazz at all. But things like “My Girl” and “kiss” from Prince.

Sunday was mostly just brunch, watching the Redskins narrowly miss defeat to improve to 3-0 on the year. Anh’s cousin has NFL Sunday Ticket in HD. nice.

And that was it. I’m super tired, and today I pretty much feel asleep at my desk at 11, and fell asleep in a 2 hours meeting at 2.

oh yeah I had lunch with Stella again today. She’s a funny lady. but I enjoy talking to her.

okay bedtime… ramadan starts tomorrow. it’s going to be a hard day…

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