Moving Offices… Yet Again….

Heh. On monday we are moving to our new home off of Page Mill. It’s sorta crappy in a way cause it’s nice to be on campus but really it was just a matter of time. I went to some Asian Staff Forum luncheon today, and the provost said basically that a lot of staff will end up in the old Excite@Home buildings in Redwood City, so in a way, Page Mill is a lot better than that.

I’ve packed all my stuff up already. pretty much i just used 1 box. I’m pretty proud of that fact. 🙂

I’m basically not doing anything for the rest of the week. ha

One thought on “MOYA…”

  1. That is great–one box! I have had too much junks moved to the basement of sheets farm. Lots of tem have been trashed. I have to clean up the basement first when I retire.

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