Starting the socks.

Today Vince was in a grumpy mood. Even he admitted as much. A lot of whining, complaining and indecision. I had planned to go to both IKEA and Gymboree, I knew it was going to be tight because IKEA opens at 10 am and the Gymboree class started at 1 pm. We queued for a taxi to go to IKEA and the whole time Vince said he didn’t want to go, he didn’t want to go and the line wasn’t moving at all, so finally I stepped out of line and headed towards home and he said, “But I DO want to go to IKEA!” So we got back in line and went to IKEA and didn’t get there until 10:45 am which meant that the Gymboree was not going to happen. I know, I know, lame things to talk about, I know I can only plan on destination per day with the two kids. When I have Jeremy with me, we can usually do 2 or 3 but with me, I only have the energy to go to one place. I’m always so anxious when I’m out with the kids by myself. I’m always sure someone is going to cry or we’ll have to find a bathroom at some incredibly unfortunate time, but even when things like that happen, we all manage to do what needs to be done and it’s OK. But the whole time I’m just anxious anticipating these inconviences. I’m trying to do better. We had lunch at IKEA and not at McDonald’s or KFC or any other fast food place. Hooray. The kids actually at some meatballs and had fun there.

I started my sock project today that my secret pal sent me. Actually, I was going to put it off because socks seem pretty hard to me, but I looked through the instructions and I think I can do it. I didn’t start the actual socks yet, just the gauge swatch and the yarn is so tiny and the needles are so tiny, it’s like I’m knitting floss with toothpicks. It’ll be cool.

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