My college roommate!

Karen, my college roommate, called me today! Out of the blue!

I was so surprised and happy to hear from her. I don’t think we’ve spoken to each other since 1994. She is living and working in the financial district in NYC and the next time I go home, we made plans to have drinks together. I’ve been letting Vince answer the phones because he gets so pissed when I answer the phone first and now he’s usually pretty good about not hanging up on people… So it’s was funny to hear Karen’s reaction to Vince’s voice on the phone picking up and saying hello. Vince seemed pretty excited to visit Karen in New York as well.

We are all exhausted. Edda is just not sleeping well. She isn’t ill, the only thing we can come up with is that her last set of molars are coming in and they are bothering her. So tonight, we gave her a dose of Tylenol and hopefully, that will help.

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