Power Ball

The prize of Power Ball will be $340M this coming Saterday. I bought 5 tickets. Daddy would like to buy only one dollar. But I think I am willing to loss $5.00. Daddy said that if we won the prize, he will quit job right way. I think I will finish this job then quit.

We bought a bottle of red wine with rating 92 other day. It was good, So we bought few bottles more today. The saleman sold daddy another bottle of wine with rating of 92.

MingMing and Wing invited us to have Hawaii cruise berfore Xmas time. His parents (Mr. and Mrs. Wang) are coming too. We will stop at LA few day after cruise. Then we will go to FL to see thier $1.7M house next to sea shore. That should be fun. Hope my job will be done at that time.

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  1. Good luck on the Powerball, we are all rooting for you. I’m glad that you have plans for Christmas, sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

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