Night out at Arif’s

I broke fast yesterday by going over to Arif’s house and eating a nice meal cooked by his wife, Tahera. We had a pretty simple meal – spicy daal, kabob meat, salad and pita bread. It’s funny watching Arif and Tahera together. Arif’s become very very domesticated. He was actaully like cleaning! What a change!

Oh yeah, btw, so I got them the milkshake maker, the one you guys vetoed. Sorry but Arif wouldn’t have appreciated the handheld mixer. He told me as much too. He wants your guys address so he can send you a thank you note. 😛

Choon and his parents came by around 9. Choon and Pei-Sun gave them a nice stainless steel coffee maker to go along with the stainless steel milkshake maker. so pretty much Arif is commit to the stainless steel motif.

I have to say that having a Mac rocks in certain applications.. I’ve been involved with Choon’s wedding slideshow in iMovie and now, I’m transferring his video into iDVD and burning that also. It’s great. works well. easy to use. His video was about 4 minutes too long for the DVD. I had to cut some things out, but by the look of it. it’s going to take at least 3-4 hours to render onto the DVD. sigh.

Things at work are picking up. We’ve got to stress test our storage system by the end of the month, and I just swtiched onto this part of the project. We haven’t done any real tests yet…. so uh. we need to get started. We’re supposed to give the yea or nay on this particular storage solution by then. yeah right. 😛

I’m starting to play tennis some more. It’s been a long time. I really need some new shorts now that I think about it. My pants keep falling off.. sigh.

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