Things I miss about NY!

I want to be in NY now – not because Vince loved his school there and Jeremy’s parents were close by and I had a car and knew where to find all the ingredients to any recipe I’d like to cook – but I miss it at this moment because I’m missing the apple season there. (Twenty different kinds of apples at a roadside stand.) They only sell Fuji apples here. Only one kind of freaking apple! I guess I should switch to durian, ugh! I’m also missing this famous, famous, wool festival in Rhinebeck this weekend. I’ve known about it the whole time I lived right around the corner, but I wasn’t knitting then, only now. Oh well, I guess it will still be there whenever I get the chance to go back.

On Thursday, Mathilda and Julia came over for lunch. I made a smashing chef salad for the adults in the party – with blue cheese, ham, eggs and ranch dressing. Then we headed over to the Choa Chu Kang pool and had a good time there despite the occasional rain shower. The pool was pretty empty except for a group of school children. Then the kids came back to our place and we ordered pizza for dinner and everyone had a good time until we had to go to bed.

Today we went to Kate’s house and saw all the cool stuff for the baby. A changing table, a crib and scads of beautiful girl baby clothes! Vince ate all her potato chips. When we left, it was pouring, pouring rain and we all got soaked. We met Jeremy at Causeway Point and had dinner at the Crystal Jade and I headed home, I am wiped out from these past two days and Jeremy and Vince went to pick up Vince’s computer.

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