Edda is killing us. For the past week or two, she’s been waking up earlier and earlier – first 6 am, then 5:30, then 5 and a few days 4 am. Finally last night, she got up at 1 am, demanded a banana and a new diaper and wanted to play for 2 hours.

Somehow, these days, I get really frustrated trying to put Edda to bed. I nurse and nurse and I can’t get her to go to sleep. So, Jeremy’s been putting her to bed. So we are all underslept.

Vince’s favorite group is Hi-5. He LOVES LOVES LOVES it and Edda HATES HATES HATES it. So he’s been listening to it on headphones on the iPod so Edda can’t hear it. Guess what happened today? He dropped it on the stone kitchen floor. Oh well, so much for that, the screen is broken and hopefully we can get just that replaced.

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