Peeing in Public..

So today Vince, Edda and I went over the Julia and Mathilda’s house. It was a casual hang-out kind of day, we went to KFC for lunch (Vince and Mathilda couldn’t agree on where to sit for lunch, so we sat at 2 different tables… What’s up with that?) and then over to their house for hanging out at the pool and playing with puzzles. Vince and Mathilda had a nice time together, they are so sweet. They do argue, but not more than expected. I’m glad they have each other here in Singapore. Then we headed home and Vince was drinking a can of Milo that Julia had bought him at the pool. We were walking along the street and he emptied his can of Milo and, of course, he needed to pee. I was about 8 minutes away from Julia’s house and 10 minutes away from the mall… So where to pee? Should we pee in the bushes and risk being busted by the Singapore police? Should we try to run back to the Tristans? No I had a brilliant idea! We’ll just pee back into the soda can… Vince pulled down his pants and returned the Milo back into the can and I told him sternly not to drink it and at the next trash can, he threw it away.

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