Sock knitting

So I started to knit my socks from the supplies given to me by my sweet Secret Pal. I have to admit that when I used the size 2 needles, the gauge came out to 8 stitches per inch instead of 7 per/inch as requested on the pattern. I kind of shrugged and thought that I’d just multiply everything by 8/7 and everything will be OK, and then I realized that it might be a screwy thing to do to the pattern and I might not want to mess around with fractional stitches on my 2nd project. I finally noted that the pattern said, “for a tighter fit, go down one needle size”. I figured I would just make pretty tight socks and forget the multiplication. So I started knitting in the round with these little tiny needles and little tiny yarn. It was OK going, and I think it looks OK, except that it looks really, really small. I think I’ll have to upsize the needles to match the gauge. These socks are going to take me a long time to make and I want to make sure that they fit. Jeremy laughed at me and told me that they sold socks in the mall next door for one dollar. Bleh!

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