I’m lovin’ it

We went to McDonald’s on Sunday. Vince was not at all happy on Sunday because Saturday was so exciting that he forgot to sleep and eat, so by noon on Sunday, he was a whiney kid. So we went to McDonald’s and sat there for 45 minutes while he recharged on nuggets, fries and orange juice.

Then we took him to Gymboree downtown, which he loved, but asked to go home after 40 minutes because he was so exhausted. At home, he took a nap, which was good because we went to our neighbor’s daughter’s 21st birthday party. It was held in the funtion room of our condo complex. Every weekend we see people having parties in the room and every weekend we lament that no one invited us to their party. Finally, someone did and we had a really nice time. They had a lot of food catered in and we met our neighbor’s whole extended family. It was really sweet.

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