Takashimaya! We love you!

Vince’s grumpy mood continued today and even though we went to the trouble of making pancakes for breakfast, he declared that he wanted to do nothing today – or as he says it – I don’t want to do nofing. So over and over again Jeremy and I ask, is there something you want to do? Do you want to eat at the Move and Pick? Do you want to go to the Gymboree? Do you want to eat at McDonalds? OK, we didn’t really offer the last option… He finally said, “I want to go to Takashimaya.” Takashimaya is only the most expensive and popular mall in Singapore. The mall that the store anchors has Gucci, Tiffany’s, Bulgari, etc. etc. etc. Boring and expensive consumerism at it’s best. So what do we do? We oblidge and head straight to Takashimaya down town. We usually take the bus there and taxi home. The kids like the bus. On the bus, a woman tries to convince me to go to church, that makes about 5 people so far who have tried to convince me that I need to become a Christian. It’s mainly cab drivers who have me as a captive audience who try to get me to go to their church. Jeremy hasn’t had anyone try to convert him. Lucky guy.

We get to Takashimaya and we get a snack at a coffee shop and head straight for the toy section. Vince must have caught us in a nice mood because he scored the following Thomas the Tank Engine goodies – a pajama set and also sneakers with blinking lights. I swore once that I would never, ever purchase blinking light shoes. Now I swear never to say never. Edda got a little pop-up toy thing-y. We also bought the Hi-5 CD which is this kids show that Vince watched over and over again on the plane ride over here and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

Jeremy took the kids home by cab and left me to look at the shoe and handbag section, but by the time I had really started to feel relaxed and unwound from the week (nothing like trying on shoes with heels that I would never wear, but imagine that I look way cool in them even though I’m wearing torn shorts and a food-stained T-shirt surrounded by young, hip, thin Singaporians), Jeremy called and said that he forgot his key and was locked out of the house. Yikes.

Headed back and unlocked the door and then went grocery shopping and made dinner. And now I’m going to go to sleep. Good night!

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