Weekend Update…

It was a pretty busy weekend…

Friday was sleep over night at Choon and Pei Sun’s place. I made a lemon tart that I have to say didn’t look very good, and was okay tasting. The crust was definitely the best part. The filling had 2 cups of sugar and a cup of corn syrup. nice!

anyways, we grilled on Choon’s new wedding present from Lynn and Jack. The conversation revolves a lot around home buying and home improvement since, well, everyone’s married, and either just bought a house or is looking to buy a house. haha. we played some bridge, played some taboo, played some Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast. We ate a lot. Pei-Sun made some creme brulee and some other custard desert. Lynn made a coffe cake.

We stayed up until 3am. weee!

I was a bit toasted for the Saturday, going to work. Also this whole ramadhan fasting thing was getting hard.

Saturday night, i played some tennis with choon and folks. I was wearing jeans the whole time, and i had to pull up my pants every 5 seconds. hrm.. I think I’m going to get a tennis racquet soon enough and start playing some consistently.

Sunday was lazy day, as I’m at home checking my fantasy football stats. it’s sorta sad. I told myself that i wouldn’t be a slave to my fantasy sports team, but as it turns out I am. I watch too much ESPN Sportscenter now… blah.

tomorrow is move day, just going to go in a setup everyone’s computers in the new office. And then the design class i’m taking from some IDEO guy. who’s just a bit off his rocker, but we’ll see. i still need to do my reading. ha.

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