I want to walk like a duck.

I was born with feet that flare out. As a result of this, I walk like a duck. When I go to sleep on my back, my feet flare out and go past the V position and almost rest flat on the bed. My shoes always wear unevenly.

Edda has inherited my feet. Look at this crazy picture, her feet are almost in a straight line. I think this makes it harder for her to balance which is the skill that she’s working on this month. She spends a lot of the day standing up and holding onto the couch, the bathtub, the wall. And for the most part, she’s always leaning forward, her weight firmly on the thing she’s leaning on. But about once a day, I see her lean backwards and fall on her butt. I know she doesn’t like falling, but at least she’s learning more about how to balance herself.

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