Ah Weddings…

Dude. Weddings are always a bit funny. This one on Saturday was no exception…

So this was Cheong and Nancy’s wedding. I honestly don’t know them very well, but I like weddings and so I went. I know hime mostly thru Choon and Pei-Sun, so they went along with Shwe and Xin. We all sat at the same table for dinner, and of course, Choon and Pei-Sun’s favorite pastime is bugging me about women. Pei-Sun knew a lot of the people at the wedding because Cheong is in this Christian Choir Club that Pei-Sun is in (although she’s not Christian) and she’s having fun pointing out all the single women at dinner. Some of them came over and sat down in Choon’s chair while Choon was talking to other people that he knew there, so I talked to them, and Pei-Sun would ask me of my opinion after they left. ha.

so fast forward a bit to the part about the bouquet toss… being Asian and all, the couple decides not the throw a bouquet but a pair of mashumari dolls that were in a wedding outfit. They were going to throw the girl doll to the guys, and then the guy’s doll to the girls, but unfortunately they didn’t realize that both of the dolls were attached to each other somehow, so they decided to do a combined mens and women’s toss.

Of course, I caught it. It came straight at me. I was standing in the back but I’m one of the taller people, but all I pretty much had to do was lift my hand as the dolls probably would have hit me in the head.

Everyone congratulated me and I walked away thinking that my part in the wedding was done. But no Cheong and Nancy called me back to take some pictures with them. I walked away for the second time but they called me back one more time and i got this sinking feeling in my stomach.

They announced to everyone that I was to give the dolls to “the nicest girl in the crowd”. Great! I did not particularly want to do this. My first thought was to give it to a kid of another friend that was at the wedding. I could have given it to Nancy as one person was to remind me of after the fact. but I was like, “Fuck it, might as well do something with it. So I decided to give it to this girl. Winnie, who had come by to chat with Pei-Sun earlier at dinner.

I think pretty much everyone was shocked that I did that. I mean, honestly, i knew maybe 11 people at the entire wedding, and I’m giving the dolls to a girl I just met like 15 minutes earlier. I’m pretty sure Nancy and Cheong didn’t expect it. Pei-Sun was happy that I did it. I probably would have asked her to dance regardless of the doll thing. I just like dancing at weddings, and, well, you need a partner to dance with. That’s not to say that she was chopped liver or something. She’s definitely pretty damn cute. She has a certain elegance about her that’s sorta classic. I guess the other random thing is that she breaks all stereotype for me since she’s like, reasonably tall – probably like 5.6. Choon teased me about that later

but yeah, well, we went back to our respective tables, and finished dinner. Everyone was clamouring for me to get her phone number, but I figured the mass embarassment had at least secured me a dance later on in the evening, so I just wanted to let everything settle down a bit first.

So yeah, we danced a little later in the evening. Well I guess I should say that we half danced, half talked. Found out that Winnie worked as an assistant in a law firm, and is a piano teacher on the side. She plays piano for the Choir Group. But she lives in the city which is too bad I suppose. She’s cantonese, and quizzed me a bit to which of course, I totally didn’t understand. Found out she plays tennis, but it doesn’t look like she can make our weekly tennis gathering on tuesday nights.

In the end tho, dunno if anything is going to happen. I guess I might be too American for her, and she might be too Cantonese for me. I never did get her phone number either, but I don’t think I would be hard since obvious we both know the bride and groom.

In the meantime, I’m sure I’m going to get it tomorrow at tennis. laff. should be interesting. We’ll see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Ah Weddings…”

  1. Is this a love story or not 🙂

    Well, for the first 2 years that your Mom and Dad were classmates. She did not know me at all.

    Life always takes a big twist for some reasons. And Mom was pretty mad at me this morning. I dropped her to the front door and parked the car, but she did not wait for me to get into the elevator. I could tell that she was mad.

    Mad or not, Mom is Mom.

  2. How lucky you are to have this “flower” dolls. Married life is a normal life. That is why most people are married. First impression is very important.

    Good luck!

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