Santa in Singapore

Sorry I haven’t blogged recently, I have a few minor complaints, I think I’m putting on a few pounds, Vince has been a handful recently and I have this weird ant bite on my toe. It’s so aggravating because insect bites on toes are incredibly hard to scratch effectively and now it’s this one-inch wide pus filled itch center. Ugh, just go away! Go away! Also, I’m pretty sure I have tendonitis in my thumb from all my knitting and piano playing and lifting kids and extreme web surfing, so I’m bummed because I have to lay off my hobbies for a while while my thumb heals.

On Friday, I went to the Paragon to meet up with Kate for lunch. But Vince really would have none of it, bouncing off the walls, chairs, messing up the chalk-written menus. Blah. And Kate is 8 months pregnant and wanted to go to all these different places and Vince just didn’t want to go anywhere, he just wanted to have cookies. So I had to abandon Kate downtown because Vince was being so demanding.

The Paragon is a hoity-toity mall, full of Versace, Cole Haan, Miu Miu crap.. Sometimes I try to get all excited about buying something nice, but then I stand in the middle of the store and look at all this crap and then I walk out. I mean, who wants to spend their hard earned money on a crystal Nemo which needs to be dusted every week?

The Paragon also had a very, very well stocked Christmas display. See? Edda and I met Santa! OK. Edda’s not too excited.

This weekend we mainly hung out at the house. On Saturday, I went to my one-on-one knitting class. I was all optimistic because I found someone who was willing to teach me knitting, but it was OK. Actually, she taught me crochet, but I don’t know what happened because now I’m home and I don’t know what I’m suppose to do with my skeins of yarn. Oh well.

And Saturday afternoon, Vince didn’t want to go to his swim lessons, I think they are a bust now too. God, I hope he likes his new school. Otherwise, I’m just going to be at home with the two of them for the next 1.5 years! Help!

So in the good name of home-schooling, today we started to learn to read. One letter words, I and a, two letter words, at and in, three letter words cat, bat, mat, bin, tin… etc, etc, etc.

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