Elaine, our dogwalker, took Ruby for a walk this morning. Ruby was so excited to see her, she was flipping out all over the apartment, prancing and scratching the floor and almost jumping on everybody in the apartment.

Vince went to school today! He seemed to really like it! What a relief. It’s from 11 – 12:30 which is kind of a bummer because it’s right in the middle of lunch, but I packed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he ate the whole thing immediately after class. I was worried because Jeremy’s gone and I wanted Jeremy to be around, but Vince was calm and excited about the whole thing. There are 4 other kids in his class, and Vince might have been the most relaxed one. This is just a 2 week thing – singapore is on it’s long holiday a 6-week break from school and everyone starts their new grade in January. Vince will be N2 for Nursery 2.

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