Obsessed about fashion.

So I’m gearing up to wean Edda and then I’m going on a fashion tear. OK, I’m really just searching fashion websites and I’ve determined that there is no way to be fashionable without dry cleaning your freaking clothes. There is now way I can be fashionable with tee shirts and jeans that I just throw in the washer/dryer. Oh well, I’m just impressed about how much you can spend on a pair of shoes ($600) or a bag (pretty much as much as you want to spend).

Donald, have you looked into other girls’ closests recently? I own: 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of Tevas, 1 pair of clogs. 4 tank tops, 4 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, 2 pairs of shorts and a bunch of sports bras and cotton underwear. I have a dress that I wear maybe once every 3 months. I *always* have something to wear. Do girls actually own 10-20 pairs of shoes/pants/shirts/etc? Because if I’m suppose “build a wardrobe”, I’m suppose to have a closet full of dry-clean only clothes. Argh! I want to look good.

2 thoughts on “Obsessed about fashion.”

  1. You don’t need to dry clean clothes to look good. I don’t believe that. There’s got to be plenty of clothes out there that look good without the dry clean requirement.

    tho 1 pair of jeans?! amazing. i suppose you don’t need them in singapore tho. Youre closet does seem a little skimpy.

  2. Last weekend, we went to Portland shopping for 5 hrs with daddy’s friend wife. She is a good shopper and I bought a Jones New York sport jacket and a pair of shoes, a Liz shirts and other stuff without paying sales tax.

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