Ball pit at the zoo.

Today we went to the world-famous Singapore zoo. Vince was very, very pissy at the beginning – we had to sit for a family portrait for our membership pass and he refused to look at the camera. Our pass has 3 faces smiling and one back of the head. But slowly, slowly, we fed him a pepperoni pizza and some milk and he came back to a normal demeanor. The best part of the zoo is not the animals, it’s for sure the water play area and the ball pit and the KFC that is located in the middle of everything. I think we just ate pizza, fried chicken, played in water and plastic balls and then headed for some ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s yum!) and headed home. We waited at home for a delivery of a car dog crate and 40 pounds of dog food, but it didn’t come today.

OK, Jeremy is reading this and he wanted me to tell you that we did indeed see a few animals, the most impressive of which was the alligator which are huger than you think they are and also Jeremy was impressed by the swimming cats. Jaguars? Leopards? Dunno. Anyways, they swam completely underwater – Yeager would have been flabergasted…

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