Night Ride

Well Well. It was an interesting night. At work Jason, Don and I decided to go night riding since Don just bought a Fisher Cake 1 – otherwise known as a 5″ full suspension mountain bike.

Don and Jason go to Don’s house in San Mateo, and since I have to go home to San Jose to pick up my riding stuff, I also drop by Jason’s place in San Jose to pickup his bike. Apparently his girlfriend as semi pissed cause she had to grab all his stuff and had to cancel her dinner plans with some friends. She doesn’t really touch Jason’s bike stuff, but anyways…

We meet up at 8, and then we get to the trailhead. We find out, that..

1) Jason has 2 lighting systems. and both don’t work.
2) Don forgot his shoes.

we tried to jury rig a rear red LED bike light to Jason’s bike, but the plastic clip snaped and that was that.

Don ended up putting platform pedals on his bike and riding in sandals all night.

We basicalyl rode around with Jason in the middle the whole night. it was a short ride, but it was fun. relaxing. moody in a way at night. we’d stop every so often and the air was sooooo still. And the views from Waterdog are pretty nice at night.

Home now. tomorrow’ the road ride with Arif, Hasnain, Ray and co.

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