Busy Weekend..

Seems like all my weekends are busy these days. dunno why.

This weekend I’m skipping working at the bike shop. I’m going to a friend’s wedding at MemChu in Stanford. Should be fun.

Sunday I’m going to go do this ride up in Napa. It’s some winery tour. 60 miles. I haven’t ridden in a long time. but it should be okay. It’s flat.

Friday, Was Lynn’s brithday party. We all went up to San Mateo to eat at a posh japanese place and saw the movie Prime afterwards. It was good. but a little more serious than I thought it would be. But it definitely had it’s moments. I can’t seem to decide if Uma Thurman is hot or not.

Friday was also Eid! which marks the end of ramadhan. Arif and co can eat again! I ended up fasting the last week again, but it was sorta cheating since daylight savings kicked in and i could eat an hour earlier.

Work is picking up too. I relaly should be more on the ball about it, but i’m lazy.

Hanging out at Choon’s before the wedding. I’m sleeping over at their place soo much these days. pretty much every weekend. laff. even have my own toothbrush at their place. funny. I Choon is thinking about (finally) buying a house! He’s the one with the hookup in Atherton. He’s been eyeing a house ever since i met him at Sun in 1999. He just hasn’t bought one because, well, he thinks housing prices are way too high and the market would crash. of course, we’re probably closer to that point than in 1999, but now that he’s married and probably wants kids sometime soon, i think he might be semi-forced into it.

also I hung out with Joy yesterday. We went to go see the Dali Lama who was giving a speech at stanford. It was prettyy funny. it was on the basketball court, and the lama sat at where one of the baskets would be, and the front row was where midcourt was. The talk itself was okay. There wasn’t really an agenda so the lama sorta went on about random thoughts for an hour. he basically said, “it’s your perception of reality that clouds your mind, so realize this”. Also it was sorta funny, because he mentioned that he didn’t think meditation was that useful and that he didn’t study very much as a kid because he didn’t think it would be very useful.

Joy is doing well. She’s getting married at Stanford next Oct. so we talked a lot about that. We haven’t hung out for awhile. so it was nice to catch up a bit. She’ sorat been incognito a bit.

that’s it. later!

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